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Media Consumption Patterns Have Changed – SBO’s need to step Up

Effective marketing has become a mission critical component in establishing a compelling USP and competitive edge for ALL size businesses. Media consumption patterns for consumers have changed … [Read More...]

CNET Replay – Right Idea – Needs Better Design

CNET is taking alot of flak for their introduction of an advertising service - REPLAY - that allows marketers to repurpose great reviews from the site in their digital advertising. Nothing wrong with … [Read More...]


"Al is a lion roaring and winning amongst brave competitors, yet a caring shepherd focused on ensuring the success, growth and caring leadership for his team members. His ability to lead and build an entire enterprise is unmatched."
- Peter Weedfald, President, Gen One Ventures

"Al is a world class marketer, a consummate leader and has never taken 'can't be done' for an answer."
-Kevin W., EVP / Co-founder, RapidBuyr

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