Patriots & Tebow Winning in the Social Media Trenches

No doubt this weekend…many of us will be hunkered down in front of the television for what could be an incredible series of great matchups. While most stadiums max out at 90,000; there are a loyal following of fans that will be watching from the Facebook and Twitter sidelines as their teams do battle. It really is pretty incredible to take a close look at which teams are winning the battle of the social media trenches. Let’s take a look.

Facebook Likes

  1. New England Patriots – 2,805,955
  2. Green Bay Packers – 2,519,228
  3. New Orleans Saints – 2,341,506
  4. New York Giants – 1,443,028
  5. San Francisco 49ers – 1,039,226
  6. Denver Broncos – 1,032,715
  7. Baltimore Ravens – 842,558
  8. Houston Texans – 472,383

Pretty clear that the Pats fans have a strong lead over the Packer fans as we head into the playoffs.  Not sure what’s happening between the Ravens and Texans; might make sense for someone to check the wireless providers in that market. The G-Men seem to lag the field especially in light of the size of the New York Metro area.  With a resident population of 105,000 , Green Bay’s fan base is off the charts in showing their likes and support of the frozen tundra of Lambeau and the Lombardi Legacy.

Fanatics  – A look at Twitter followers

  1. New England Patriots – 245,000
  2. Green Bay Packers – 218,346
  3. New York Giants – 165,533
  4. New Orleans Saints – 161,281
  5. San Francisco 49ers – 138,826
  6. Denver Broncos – 121,348
  7. Baltimore Ravens – 99,466
  8. Houston Texans – 90,111

Seems like the fan base for ALL teams is much more focused on “Liking” their teams than following the “tweets” from other fans and players on a regular basis. Just to put the twitter population into its proper context. First Lady Michelle Obama began Tweeting yesterday and today she has over 250,000 followers; Just ahead of the Patriots on this list. A quick survey of tweets on these sites reveals a desperate need for more “engaging” content.  Eli Manning needs to do much more than tell his followers that his “taking a nap” or “boarding a plane”. Regardless, once again the Patriots and Packers top the Twitter division with the strongest following of loyalist tweeting their hearts out.

Tebow Time?

No doubt that Tim Tebow aka…the miracle worker has been getting more than his fair share of attention and notoriety.  As we head into the big weekend and his match up with Tom Brady’s Patriots; here’s a look at what’s happening in the social media trenches amongst a couple of the top QB’s

Facebook Fan Likes

  1. Tim Tebow – 1,458,834
  2. Tom Brady – 1,147,575

Fanatic Twitter Followers

  1. Tim Tebow – 960,734
  2. Tom Brady – 37,799

It’s pretty clear which signal caller has got the more vocal and socially engaged fan base.  Not only has Tim been able to create a highlight reel in his first “real season” as the QB for the Broncos, He actually has more Facebook likes and twitter followers than ANY of six republican candidates running for the White House. We will continue to track the shifts and plays being made on the social media playing field next week after the real score is tallied.

Until then….Enjoy the games.

Al D

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