Oscar’s Social Network Picks -2012

Once again this Sunday, The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences will hand out its gold statue this Sunday night after much red carpet fashion ogling, a fair bit of production value and more than enough speech-making. Such is the makings of a night of great mystery, intrigue and glamour. While the movie producers lobby members of the academy and the stars and their starlets endure body slimming crash diets and exercise routines to provide the slimmest of appearance; the winners of this most coveted awards are kept in the highest level of secrecy and isolation.  Secret until that infamous line is uttered by the most glitzy of couples; “and the winner is”.


Most of us who plunk down our $12.50 every movie night don’t every get a chance to vote our preference. I wouldn’t recognize an “official Oscar ballot if I saw one. All of us movie fans are usually the last folks listed on those crumpled scraps of “acceptance speeches” that winners always say they never prepare but always have. Seems to me that we should have “some” say in selecting the winners just to keep the Academy honest and remove any potential of bias or politics. Not that any of that goes on in Hollywood anymore.


Folks like you and me continue to flock to Social Media venues to exchange ideas and thoughts about an ever expanding range of topics. Only thing larger than the number of billionaires and millionaires created at Facebook this year will be the massive audience that the social network attracts. Heck; Facebook is so big…It was nominated last year for Best Picture. As we continue to live and work within a world the revolves around the Social Network and Facebook, I thought it would make sense to check in on our community and determine what Movie Fans “like” in terms of the nominees for the Big Awards on Sunday night. Here’s hoping that Facebook Likes turn into gold for more than just their employees.


Rankings were determined by the number of “Facebook” likes either for the motion picture and/or the individual actor, actress and/or director.


Best Actor

  1. Jean Dujardin – Artist  – 184,945
  2. Brad Pitt – Moneyball – 157,533
  3. Gary Oldman – 73,447
  4. George Clooney – 68,849
  5. Demian Bichir – 588


Best Actress

  1. Meryl Streep – Iron Lady – 823,754
  2. Rooney Mara – Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – 38,000
  3. Michelle Williams – My Week with Marilyn – 11,309
  4. Glenn Close – Albert Nobbs – 8735
  5. Viola Davis – The Help – 7768


Best Supporting Actor

  1. Jonah Hill – Moneyball – 100,006
  2. Kenneth Branaugh – My Week with Marilyn – 10,509
  3. Christopher Plummer – Beginners – 6344
  4. Max Von Sydow – Extremely Loud &  Incredibly Close – 5199
  5. Nick Nolte – Warrior – 4688


Best Supporting Actress

  1. Octavia Spencer – The Help – 11,868
  2. Jessica Chastain – The Help -6079
  3. Berenice Bejo – The Artist – 5791
  4. Melissa McCarthy – Bridesmaids – 4946
  5. Janet McTeer – Albert Nobbs – 227


Best Director

  1. Woody Allen – Midnight in Paris – 990,106
  2. Martin Scorcese – Hugo – 115,628
  3. Terrence Malick – Tree of Life – 14,146
  4. Alexander Payne – The Descendants – 2867
  5. Michel Hzanavicius – The Artist – 2076


Best Picture

  1. The Help – 710,954
  2. War Horse – 343,633
  3. Midnight in Paris – 316,954
  4. Moneyball – 199,254
  5. Tree of Life – 102,315
  6. Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close – 75,968
  7. The Artist – 61,573
  8. The Descendants – 29,006
  9. Hugo – 88



Lots of interesting items of interest in the data

  • Jean DuJardin ; a relative newcomer and lead actor in a “silent film” beats out to of the Academy’s biggest stars in George Clooney and Brad Pitt
  • Meryl Streep crushes the field in Best Actress category. She has an incredibly large and loyal following of friends
  • Jonah Hill breaks away from the pack in Best Supporting Actor. One of Social Media’s favorite son’s should bring home the statue
  • Low vote count in Best Supporting Actress Category has Octavia Spencer winning the prize in a tight race for The Help.
  • Could Woody Allen win Best Director? His Friends on Facebook are definitely pulling for him. The actor and director has a massive throng online.
  • The Help broke out early in the Oscar race and never seemed to look back.  Looks like the flick should win by a length or two over War Horse.


Only time will tell whether those of us on the Social Network will be a solid predictor for the Academy Awards on Sunday night. There are bound to be some surprises. Not for us though; it seems as though the Facebook picks have already been made.


Al D

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