In the Presence of Angels

There is work that I do that allows me the time to live out my passion. As I plan my next business venture, I have been blessed with the time and resources to focus on the work that we do together at Al’s Angels ( Just this past month, we held two major fundraisers to generate funds for our 2012 initiatives. Our goal is to provide over 3000 families and nearly 5000 children in the tri state area with holiday meals and gifts this year.  These children and their families battle cancer, rare blood diseases and severe financial hardship in virtual isolation.  We recieve cards and letters all the time from children and families expressing appreciation, love & blessings for the work done by thousands of Al’s Angels. Just today…another arrived..

Dear Al’s Angels

Please accept my donation in memor of my son Kris. He had a rare genetic disease and passed away 3 years ago this July. My husband and I belong to St. Matthews and we think it is a wonderful thing you do.. Towards the last 4 years of Kris’s life….it was SO hard ! He was in the hospital for 7 months and then when he got well enough to come home…we brought him home to take care of him. He had a trach and he was on a ventilator the last 4 years of his life

He was the absolute joy of my life and we miss him terribly. But we do know first hand how difficult it can be for families.

May God Bless You always


Kris’s parents.

In my life…in the lives of those of us who are Al’s Angels…It is THIS work that matters most.  Please remember another beautiful Angel…Kris in your prayers tonight. Let his memory and the words written in this note…remind you of the shared responsibility we have to so many in our human family. In the craziness of all that is going on in our lives…God sometimes sends us messages of perspective… Tonight….to be shared with all of you.


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