Bezos Buys Washington Post – Now What ?

Beyond the romance of owning the Washington Post, the business reality here is that the newspaper is NOT a local newspaper. The bulk of the print subscribers (average age is 72) to the newspaper are outside of the beltway and much of it is …international. Secondly..according to the most recent advertising data…newspapers including the Washington Post are losing advertisers in droves…as readers embrace digital channels via Tablet & Mobile platforms and advertisers follow them there. The newspaper business is built on engaging an audience with relevant content, building a meaningful circulation and then monetizing it with advertising. The internet and digital have changed all that irreversably. The costs of printing and distributing a daily newspaper are horrendous. When you look past the romantic reasons for this move…Bezos needs to transform this brand into a digital publishing platform with new and exciting digital only publications that create a new, younger audience that is engaged in the WP content. An audience that advertisers are willing to pay for. Without that…this will be another $250 million thrown away

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