CEO’s – What ELSE are you afraid of ?

Most CEOs Have No Social Media Presence

“If you are CEO and are hunkered down in your office with fear of social media your days are numbered. As a CEO you need to be the #1 evangelist in your company for new and innovative thinking. Social & Interactive media are table stakes for operating in the business world today. If the CEO isn’t out front leading this charge..Your company will be lagging in all of the other areas of CRM and Marketing. Your customer expect you to intersect with them in every channel that they congregate. If the CEO doesn’t believe in the importance of this media for both personal and company branding…your consumers will begin to think poorly of your relevancy to them in the digital age that we all live in. Be not afraid…Time to get out front before someone replaces you with a bolder set of chops and vision. ”

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