Day of Reckoning for Display Thinking

The days are coming when marketers will begin to place even greater pressure on the level of relevancy and engagement that all media achieves between message, delivery and their customers & prospects. I said long ago that we all have to “become direct marketers” in our strategies and tactics when messaging to a consumer with shifting media consumption patterns. What we are seeing in display is similar to what we have seen in Search; marketers who are dumping “broadcast” type dollars into media and not truly measuring overall effectiveness and ROI. “Publishers” need to be true content providers on the road ahead. Creating more site inventory to capture more display revenue isn’t the answer to their problems. They MUST create a series of new digital units that are PUSHED to their audience and that are dynamic in the content assembly and optimized based on consumer interaction over time. Without this focus and innovative thinking…the bloom will soon be off of the rose of display. No one wins when ads are stack indescriminately on top of each other. Response and engagment rates will plummet and then dollars will move away. Time to start thinking about engagement NOW…before its too late.

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