Al’s Angels


Helping Children & Families in Need

Al's Angels LogoFor years, Al served as a board member for numerous charities. Having seen the good work these organizations accomplished, Al decided to dedicate even more of his time to helping children and families in need. He founded Al’s Angels with the mission of providing moments of joy and comfort to families that are challenged by childhood cancer, rare blood diseases, AIDS, domestic violence, and financial hardship. Al’s Angels accomplishes this by actively support existing charitable programs such as Tomorrow’s Children’s Fund, Saint Barnabas, Union Community Health, Norwalk Hospital, SCO Family Services, CLASP Homes, New York Presbyterian Hospital, and Catholic Health Association of India.

Through hard work, an amazing group of volunteers, and tremendous generosity, today Al’s Angels is able to help thousands of children in the tri-state area. As support for Al’s Angels grows, Al’s vision is to further expand its loving reach to children around our country and the world.

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Al's AngelsWhat if it were YOU? What if it were YOUR child? I have been haunted by these thoughts from the my first contact with a child suffering and dying from Cancer. I have looked into the eyes of parents, held the hands of suffering children and wondered why. Why God? Why this child? Why these parents? Families just like yours and mine that not only suffer through despicable childhood cancer, rare blood diseases, aids and domestic violence, they have been literally wiped out financially. Many have lost all hope of normalcy in their lives. They do fund raisers, beg friends, sacrifice nearly everything that they have in the hope that through some miracle, their child will be spared. What if it were me?

These children are really OUR children. How can we all live in a world filled with as much as we have and not want to share with those in desperate need? Many of us have chosen to avoid the glance of the suffering child. Others find comfort in taking small actions to help. Then there are the Angels. Al’s Angels. Our mission is to work as hard as we can for as long as we can to ease the suffering of these special children and their families. We feel it is our responsibility as members of the human family to go well above and beyond common standards to do extraordinary work. We work to bring joy and hope to these children during the holidays when most of us have share such great joy and laughter. If we can ease the pain and despair for just one brief moment, we will have succeeded.

We need more angels….we need you. We need your prayers, your support and your dollars. We cannot do it without you. Please help us help others.”

– Al DiGuido, Founder of Al’s Angels in 2004