Media Consumption Patterns Have Changed – SBO’s need to step Up

Effective marketing has become a mission critical component in establishing a compelling USP and competitive edge for ALL size businesses. Media consumption patterns for consumers have changed dramatically over the past 10 years. The rise of the internet and digital marketing has left MANY in the dust. Smart small businesses need to do a better job of learning more about email marketing, social media, tablet & mobile platforms etc. They need to find service providers who lead with solutions and aren’t afraid to be accountable for results .

CNET Replay – Right Idea – Needs Better Design

CNET is taking alot of flak for their introduction of an advertising service – REPLAY – that allows marketers to repurpose great reviews from the site in their digital advertising. Nothing wrong with this idea….However CNET needs to do a better job of designing the unit for the sake of the reader AND the advertiser…More of my comments in this Business Insider article..

AMA needs second opinion !!!

Wondering if it ever occurred to these physicians in diagnosing this problem, that many of their doctors are migrating to digital communications in every aspect of their business. Gotta believe a large % of those 230K doctors reading the print title after all of these years would welcome …a digital edition of the AMA Newspaper. Could it be that the AMA didn’t investigate just how fertile an opportunity this would be with their current subscribers ?  I hope not. No reason for this patient to be terminal. We have the capacity to build it better and stronger in the digital age. There will come a time when a new breed of digital publishing enterprise will resurrect these sort of titles…and leave the rest of the industry wondering why the AMA decided to pull the plug.

Day of Reckoning for Display Thinking

The days are coming when marketers will begin to place even greater pressure on the level of relevancy and engagement that all media achieves between message, delivery and their customers & prospects. I said long ago that we all have to “become direct marketers” in our strategies and tactics when messaging to a consumer with shifting media consumption patterns. What we are seeing in display is similar to what we have seen in Search; marketers who are dumping “broadcast” type dollars into media and not truly measuring overall effectiveness and ROI. “Publishers” need to be true content providers on the road ahead. Creating more site inventory to capture more display revenue isn’t the answer to their problems. They MUST create a series of new digital units that are PUSHED to their audience and that are dynamic in the content assembly and optimized based on consumer interaction over time. Without this focus and innovative thinking…the bloom will soon be off of the rose of display. No one wins when ads are stack indescriminately on top of each other. Response and engagment rates will plummet and then dollars will move away. Time to start thinking about engagement NOW…before its too late.

Bezos Needs alot of digital help

Washington Post Editor gets it right…If “paper” doesn’t become “digital paper” under the Bezo administration….you might as well fold up the tents and go home. Check their circulation statement, the Post is NOT a local newspaper…MOST o…f their circulation and readership is outside of the beltway. Bezos can’t do it alone..needs new crew of innovative digital thinkers to transform this business….while there is still time.

Retailers Need to Wake Up to Tablet/Mobile

More Shopping Time on Tablets & Mobile devices than on desktops. If you are a retailer and/or ecommerce provider and haven’t begun thinking about and/or dramatically transforming your “push” strategy to “pull” more sales thru the mobile/tablet channel…WHAT are you waiting for ? Tablet & Mobile are only going to increase in the years ahead. Make your digital transformation NOW.

CEO’s – What ELSE are you afraid of ?

Most CEOs Have No Social Media Presence

“If you are CEO and are hunkered down in your office with fear of social media your days are numbered. As a CEO you need to be the #1 evangelist in your company for new and innovative thinking. Social & Interactive media are table stakes for operating in the business world today. If the CEO isn’t out front leading this charge..Your company will be lagging in all of the other areas of CRM and Marketing. Your customer expect you to intersect with them in every channel that they congregate. If the CEO doesn’t believe in the importance of this media for both personal and company branding…your consumers will begin to think poorly of your relevancy to them in the digital age that we all live in. Be not afraid…Time to get out front before someone replaces you with a bolder set of chops and vision. ”

Say it ain’t so – Boston Globe Traded to Henry

Tough Trade – Asset purchased for $1.1 Billion and sold to John Henry for $70 million. Before you think that this is a steal…ponder this…Circulation and Ad Revenue…the two stats that mean anything are declining rapidly as the Boston F…aithful embrace digital channels. Henry would be wise to trade for some big digital hitters who can build out the digital team here and a whole new set of new digital only properties. Let’s not wax romantic about what used to be..time to field a real team that can win in the digital age.

Bezos Blunder ? Washington Post says their worth ZERO

Bezos Blunder ? Looks like the Stock Market thinks that Bezos spent about $250 million too much for the Washington Post newspaper. When you do the math in terms of the overall value of the publication to the parent company….the math puts …the value at ZERO.  Let’s not get all romantic about what is going to happen here. There are REAL business and market issues that will determine the future of this

Remaking Legacy Media Companies – What’s the problem !

I especially like this quote from the interview –   “Media watcher Jeff Jarvis, who had the best take on Smith’s move to Bloomberg, summed it up well: “[Smith] saw that he had to take on the role of an advertising agency, no longer just sell…ing space on a page, print or digital, but offering creative and marketing services to advertisers […] all in all, his real lesson to the industry is to change the relationship of media to marketer.” It’s not like this is a new concept. This is a strategy that we have been advocating for years…Publishers have been SLOW to move dramatically in this direction. Organizations like Meredith & Hearst have jumped on…Everywhere we still see alot of organizations..Time Inc, Conde Nast and others who haven’t been agressive in this move to be digital marketing services companies…and as a result…are failing as the market shifts towards digital delivery on tablet & mobile platforms.   Marketers want to work with partners who help them solve their problems…not just display their advertising…Smith is one of the guys that “got it”and who understood the importance of ad revenue to the bottom line in the overall business model.   There are a few others. Many more are still attending conferences and listening to folks like Smith and who lack the courage and compassion to transform their businesses. In time, they will see the the value of their organizations diminish and have no one to fault but themselves.